CONCEIVED BY SORO INTERNATIONAL MASTER LAND DEVELOPER A concept for a new forested, countryside resort and gated residential community located between the UNESCO World Heritage Cities in the Mexico Colonial Highlands.


Piedra at the Oaks Reserve, “Piedra”, (translation: Stone) is an approximate 650 hectare, (1,606 acre) mountainous site located in the heart of Mexico's colonial highlands. The property is extraordinarily situated within 30 minutes of two of Mexico's cultural jewels, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende which Condé Nast lists as BEST CITY IN THE WORLD TO LIVE. Both are remarkable 16th century colonial towns protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Cities. The Guanajuato Leon International Airport (BJX) is currently a 45 minute drive from Piedra and its picturesque location within the state´s second most important oak forest.


The vision of Piedra´s master plan consists of multiple development sites including hotels, a village which will consist of village lofts and condominiums, cafes and galleries, a health center, spa, international leadership school and nature center. A variety of architectural types of residences will be offered including Vineyard Estates, Oak Creek Pavilion and the Hacienda Collection.


Consisting of several prominent mountains and valleys, covered in four varieties of oak forest, Piedra offers physical and visual buffers at every border and vista; thus ensuring privacy and protected views over the long term.


Piedra is blessed with an abundance of biodiversity, seasonal waterfalls and natural pools. The master land developers have set aside approximately 70% of this biologically diverse landscape for designated green areas.


At Piedra´s entrance is the completed approximate 80,000 sq ft (7,432 sq meters) building envelope containing reception center, special events and CEO retreat spaces. Surrounded by stone walls, it is an unexpected landscaped oasis.


In addition to the development of the master plan, a future private landing strip will occupy a hilltop in Piedra´s secluded rear border; a hills distance beyond the location where the site-sensitive hotel villas, spa, residences and estates will be constructed.

A limited number of luxury-tented casitas will enhance the natural wooded experience by adding an unexpected touch of nostalgic romance to outdoor adventure.


The inclusion of a leadership school in Piedra’s master plan is intended to provide youth with a highly experiential time spent in nature to learn to appreciate nature and value its protection. The school’s virtue based foundation has an inclusive global perspective.


Located within less than an hour of Piedra, over 1,000 International companies are fully operational with hundreds more under construction or in planning stages.


Within one hour of the Piedra property is a 4 million population base from nearby industrial cities. Within three hours´drive is a 33 million population base.

Piedra´s forest is an oasis of fresh air and natural beauty which promises to make it a popular retreat and gated bedroom community for many nearby industrial cities.


A new highway will connect Guanajuato International Airport with San Miguel de Allende including a highway exit within 5 miles of the Piedra property. Completion will shorten the driving time to San Miguel de Allende to 15 minutes and the Guanajuato International Airport to 30 minutes.


Located in the central highlands, Piedra is in a semi arid temperate climate zone. The average temperature in Guanajuato is 64°F (High 97°F/Low 37°F) (Average 18°C/3°C).


Leon/Guanajuato International Airport (BJX) is currently within a 45 minute drive from Piedra. A proposed new highway will reduce the time to 30 minutes.
Mexico City International Airport is a 55 minute flight to Leon International Airport.
Queretaro National Airport is +/- 145 kilometers from Piedra.


Nearby San Miguel de Allende has beautifully married the sophistication of its creative and international cuisine, music, the arts, popular shopping and unique lifestyle with its rich historic diversity; all converging in its colorfully elegant 16th century streets. San Miguel is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage City.
Residents and tourists enjoy multiple annual cultural festivals; a sampling of which includes the Jazz Festival, Chamber Music Festival, and International Film Festival.

The city is a wonderful example of a harmonious blend of cultures. The colonial city was transformed from a handsome 16th century village to a popular 1960's art colony. It continued to evolve and has now matured into a nationally and internationally recognized sophisticated yet genuine historic cultural jewel. San Miguel de Allende and this colonial region are drawing more international attention in the luxury tourism industry as evidenced by the arrival of the Orient Express, Rosewood and Residences and Four Seasons. San Miguel de Allende Is 24 kilometers (15 miles) from Piedra.


Possessing some of the world's richest silver mines, its 15th century precious metal seeking Spanish settlers adorned Guanajuato with beautiful theaters, churches, townhomes and haciendas. It still remains one of the world´s most beautiful towns and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage City.
In this esthetically exquisite and original colonial town, tourists and residents enjoy “walking only streets” where pedestrians can meander from one beautiful and intimate plaza to another. Nightly, the cobblestone streets fill with mariachis and wandering singing troubadours weaving a rich community texture.
Guanajuato was chosen by the Natural Geographic Society as one of their ten global favorites for “geotourism”, “a tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical charter of a place. It's a destination where you can have an authentic travel experience without harming the place”.

Guanajuato, Guanajuato enjoys its own symphonic orchestra. It is home to the University of Guanajuato and the seat of the the state´s government. Annual festivals include the Cervantino International Cultural Festival, International Film Festival and a myriad other wonderful festivals and celebrations.




Piedra´s activities will include :

- Miles of hiking trails
- Bird watching
- Zip lines
- Mountain bicycling
- Yoga at the Tea Pavilion
- Enjoying seasonal natural pools
- Picnicing
- Camping
- Archery
- Equestrian activities
- Lectures at the Nature Center and International Ted Talks
- Concerts
- Special Events
- Swimming

- A wide selection of tours: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and La Cañada de la Virgen Archeological Site among many other exciting day trips

Piedra at Oaks Reserve




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*All measurements and financial projections are approximate. Master plan approvals are contingent upon permitting and reflect the visions of potential development.